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Chief Executive Officer

Neil Vaswani

Neil is a leader in the voluntary benefits industry who co-founded Corestream in 2006 and led the company’s growth into a top voluntary benefits innovator. Corestream’s award-winning, automated SaaS platform has enabled Fortune 500 employers to build more engaging relationships with their employees. These voluntary benefits are an integral part of protecting and enhancing employee wellness. His vision is to leverage cutting-edge technology and valuable benefit content to help transform the employer-employee dynamic to be less transactional and more strategic. Ultimately, Corestream enables organizations to stay ahead of their employees’ needs by delivering benefits experiences that protect and enrich their lives. The Corestream mission strives to build a strategic relationship with employees while bringing value to all participants in the voluntary benefits ecosystem—human resources (HR) professionals, insurance brokers, benefit vendors, and most importantly, employees. Neil earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance from Babson College.

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