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Protect, enhance, and enrich employees' lives through benefits - without the burden.


  • Increase your employee tenure by up to 2X.
  • Empower your employees with choice, security, and peace of mind.
  • Offer benefits and discounts that match the individuality of your employees.
  • No noise, no hassle, no cost.


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Easily Scale Voluntary Benefits and Discounts

The Corestream platform

What our customers are saying


As Moffitt has grown, our relationship with Corestream has continued to grow and evolve. We now have a comprehensive suite of voluntary benefit options for our team members to choose from that require minimal effort from my benefits team to support. This definitely takes the burden off of my benefits team and enables them to focus their time on the core health and welfare benefits. We, absolutely see Corestream as a partner in the endeavor of providing a valuable and effective offering of benefits to our growing and diverse team member population.

Corestream helps us roll out new programs to our large population, and because they handle a lot of the backend work, we can implement programs more easily. The Corestream platform has made it simple for our colleagues to view and enroll in the different types of voluntary benefits available to them. Corestream’s suggestion of sending “proxy” emails has continued to increase colleague engagement. They have also created a brand new look and feel to the employee portal, adding simple navigation, streamlined enrollment experience, and dynamic search capabilities.

Our partnership with Corestream has been the best enhancement to our benefits package in my 10 years of experience with CMC! Employees have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of income protection programs such as critical illness, hospital indemnity, and accident, as well as short-term loan financing, purchasing power, pet insurance and identify theft protection—all through payroll deduction. Corestream also offers thousands of discount offerings and is always looking for ways to enhance benefit offerings to ensure our employees have access to the benefits they need. I would highly recommend Corestream to other organizations that are looking to boost their benefits!

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Top organizations work with Corestream because we disrupted the voluntary benefits market with our technological and operational capabilities that serve employers and employees. Find out how our focus and vision have made this happen.

1Study performed by Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Controlling for all other variables, median employee tenure for those who enroll in at least one benefit through Corestream is 2x those who don’t enroll: 6 years vs 3 years.


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