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Continuous agile improvement


We move swiftly. Our internal operations and technological development efficiencies make innovation, adaptability, implementation, and customer success the main focus in achieving desirable outcomes.

Tech efficiency

The Corestream portal user interface and experience are analyzed and optimized with leading expertise so employees can enjoy intuitive browsing and enrollment. Employers can feel confident that they are giving their employees an excellent voluntary benefits experience.

Our approach to software development is swift and collaborative. We constantly implement improvements to user interfaces week after week.

Operational efficiency

Our company values accountability and innovation. At Corestream, employees are highly skilled and productive to ensure our mission is fulfilled by delivering clients with cutting-edge solutions.

We focus on activities that add value and eliminate redundancies.

The value of efficiency is reflected in our prompt response to client and employee inquiries, client onboarding, ongoing support, and the employee portal experience.

“Not only are these benefits easy to enroll in and pay for, the employer administration is a seamless process as well.”

- Community Health System

Corestream Is Structured to Operate Efficiently

Fast and On Target

With a robust team of operational excellence leaders and top-notch developers who excel in Agile and Dev Ops principles, our clients can continuously enjoy product and process improvements. A better experience and better product is the result of highly efficient teams.

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