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Take an interest in the lives of your employees.

All of life's milestones, whether we seek them or they just happen, create needs to different types of products and services that help us live a little easier. Employers can make a variety of lifestyle benefits available through Corestream.  All it takes is one integration to Corestream to unlock offering top-tier provider benefits such as Pet Insurance, Life with LTC, Mental Health as a Benefit, and more.


Specialty Products for Life Readiness

Personal Wellness

Every day brings new opportunities to seize but also life can also present challenges that get in the way of having a smooth day. These challenges affect productivity. You can help employees.

Mental Health

Virtual therapy through AbilitiCBT, by LifeWorks gives employees access to therapists with a minimum Master’s level education and years of clinical and counselling experience. Structured modules address anxiety, depression, sleep, pain management, grief and loss, trauma, and many other conditions.

Identity Theft Protection

Enable a safer digital life for employees and their families. Personalized plans provide account activity alerts, 401(k) and investment account alerts, identity and social security alerts as well as remediation services.

Legal Plans and Services

Employees can get legal help from a network of attorneys, whenever they need it. Unique services for caregivers, veterans, international employees, parents, among others, are available.

Group Home and Auto Insurance

Employees can protect their largest assets with group home and auto insurance. We enable auto insurance quote comparisons through our proprietary tool.

Tech Protection

Employees can purchase protection for some or all of their electronic devices. One simple plan can cover smart phones, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, TVs, monitors, and more.

Roadside Assistance

24/7/365 roadside assistance provides peace of mind while on the road. It provides emergency services such as jump starts, gas delivery, unlimited towing (up to benefit meeting), to any domestic destination.

Pet Insurance and Discounts

Pet parents have customizable options and coverage on items such as exam fees, diagnostics, and treatments. Employees choose the care they want when their pets are sick or hurt, taking comfort in knowing they are covered.

Confident Purchases and Fair Lending

Financial Wellness

Often, employees' most basic needs and purchasing means go under the radar and employers aren't aware that these services can make or break a birthday, a holiday, or even being well-equipped for school or college.

Personal Loans

Offer financial freedom with affordable loans that provide employees versatile terms and flexibility. Worry-free payroll deductions help employees repay without late fees to help build or re-build strong credit scores.

Purchasing Programs

Employees can purchase high-value products from brands they love without the stress that comes with high-interest credit cards or loans. Deductions come straight from their paychecks for a transparent never-increasing cost.

Taking Control of Healthcare

Physical Wellness

Many employees want the opportunity to take charge of their physical health. That's why physical wellbeing can help them feel good and in control of their health and fitness.

Health Clubs and Fitness

A healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Health and fitness club memberships are available through payroll deduction. Discounts for many national brands are also available through our discount platform.

Cancer Screening

Employees can take charge of their cancer screenings and treatments with flexible individual and family coverage options. Also helps pay for the indirect costs associated with cancer such as loss of wages, deductibles, co-insurance, travel expenses, meals, lodging, and childcare.

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