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Cover What Health Plans Don't

Protection From Life's Uncertainties Voluntary & Supplemental Benefits

Outside of work, employees and their loved ones need maintenance care and also get sick or injured. Being unable to afford care, being unwell, or worrying about a family member creates worries, distractions, and loss of engagement at work.

Supplemental Health

Critical Illness Insurance

Employees can be better prepared for the devastating effects of high out-of pocket costs associated with a critical illness. Critical illnesses can be life-threatening and life-altering, usually demanding longer-than-average time off work. Ailments such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer, among others, are listed as covered under critical illness insurance plans. Critical Illness plans provide benefits for treatment and care related to a critical illness. A wellness check-up benefit is usually included too.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital stays often result into hefty out-of-pocket medical bills. Hospital insurance steps in to pay cash so employees can stay afloat more easily when they're hit by unexpected medical expenses. Plans usually pay benefits for hospitalizations resulting form injury, illness, and childbirth. Often, plans also pay for staying on top of wellness check-ups.

Accident Insurance

Injury-related bills can add up quickly for anyone, regardless of age or lifestyle. Accident insurance helps employees prepare for out-pocket-expenses related to the treatment of an injury. Falls, sports, car collisions, flying objects, cuts, etc., happen all too often when you least expect it. An accident plan pays benefits for treatment, imaging, surgeries, hospitalization, medical equipment, follow-ups, physical therapy, and even emergency transportation.

Americans Are Worried

3 Reasons to Offer Supplemental

Medical Bills Affordability

58% of Americans are worried about being able to afford medical bills.

The Middle Class is in a Crunch

31% of Americans with FICO scores below 700, reported financial strain because of out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Half of Americans Carry Medical Debt

57% of those with medical debt, owe $1,000 or more.

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Life Insurance

A death not only leaves behind loved ones, but also financial obligations. And, like many people, your employees may not have enough life insurance to keep their family afloat if a death occurs. Life insurance helps employees be prepared so their departure covers those who are financially affected by it.

Group Disability Insurance

Short and Long-term disability helps employees have an income while they have to miss work due to a disabling injury or illness. Most Americans aren't prepared with several months worth of income in savings, making disability insurance one of the most versatile benefits and most likely to be utilized benefits an employer can offer.

Life Insurance with Long-Term Care

Life and long-term care combo insurance products are a modern approach to satisfy the need of employees who want to plan for their retirement years. This line of coverage is a true 2-in-1 combo that eliminates having to choose between a death benefit or a living
benefit. Considering the statistics, it’s smart to consider a hybrid approach instead of betting on one over another.

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