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Security Is Our Top Priority

Data security

We know that data security is essential for protecting your employees. We work side-by-side with legal and IT teams to ensure that sensitive information is always protected.

Corestream has a SOC 2 Type 2 attestation

Our approach to data security revolves around confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Here are the measures we take to ensure security and privacy.

Governance Risk and Compliance

  • Security reviews and assessments, including HIPAA
  • Management, monitoring and remediation of risks

Data Privacy

  • Least Privilege Access
  • Third-party attestation to strong security measures

Data Security

  • Strong encryption and cryptography
  • Data replication and daily backups

Secure Application Development and Testing

  • Secure coding training
  • Internal security testing

Network Security

  • Network event monitoring
  • Third-party infiltration tests

Operations Security

  • Incident Response Plan
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Physical Security

  • Security assessments of cloud facilities
  • Regular internal assessment reviews

Security Hotline

If you have experienced a security or privacy issue while interacting with Corestream, please report it by either calling our Security Hotline at (813) 556-2834 or emailing

Ethics Hotline

Corestream has an Ethics hotline to report any unethical behavior that could lead to an ethics and/or Policy violation.  Please report potential ethics violations by either calling our Ethics Hotline at (813) 319-3660 or emailing

Corestream Prioritizes Information Security

Safe Data Practices

Corestream abides by the most rigorous security standards to ensure clients and employees have a safe and rewarding user experience. We value data privacy and commit to maintaining our networks safe and secure.

"High-profile clients trust us because the proper protection of employees' personal information is of the highest importance to us. Security is a top priority in every aspect of our platform development."

Kenny Zoodsma, Corestream CTO

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