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Helping Providers Increase Enrollment & Decrease Workload

Voluntary benefits providers

Accelerate adoption

The Corestream platform streamlines the distribution, administration and marketing of benefit products to millions of employees working for some of the most well-known companies in the country.

Industry-leading technology

We’re recognized as industry disruptors. Benefits providers who place their products and services in our portals are able to present their offers in a cutting-edge, adaptive and responsive user interface seamlessly integrated into the employee payroll experience.

Deep industry experience

We are a team of industry veterans and have spent 15+ years building relationships within the broker, HR technology, and employer communities. Our depth of experience and go to market support enables our partners to penetrate the benefits ecosystem more efficiently.

Effective communications and product marketing

Our communication strategies are proven to drive participation increases. We partner with providers to present their products and services effectively and utilize communications channels that are client-supported.

Simple Process to See if Corestream is a Fit

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Schedule a discovery session.
  3. Determine if Corestream aligns with your hiring, retention, and engagement goals.
  4. Decide go-live products and launch date.
  5. Launch enrollment.
  6. See participation and engagement grow as you refresh benefits painlessly.

Partner with Corestream

Please provide some basic information to get started. Large companies who want to implement Corestream for their employees, click here.

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