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Corestream partners with leading brands to bring discounts, perks, and other exclusive offers to employees of large organizations (1,000-10,000+ employees).

Here's why top companies choose Corestream

Reach millions of employees

Over 2 million employees from high-value employers have access to our portals, and that population grows year over year.

Improves Engagement and Retention

Our platform is designed to be of high value to employers and employees, including custom branding for each company. This approach builds trust with employees to promote product adoption.

Increased awareness and utilization

Expose your brand on a regular and consistent basis. Brand offers are included in a regular cadence of employee communications, bringing higher awareness and utilization of employer perks.

Simple Process to See if Corestream is a Fit

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Schedule a discovery session.
  3. Determine if Corestream aligns with your hiring, retention, and engagement goals.
  4. Decide go-live products and launch date.
  5. Launch enrollment.
  6. See participation and engagement grow as you refresh benefits painlessly.

Partner with Corestream

Please provide some basic information to get started. If you are a current customer (i.e. an employee and not a Corestream admin) looking for customer service, please click here.

Employee Shopping Portal Terms and Conditions

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