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One deduction, one vendor, one bill.

Simplified administration

Corestream helps clients move from an inefficient and burdensome voluntary benefits process to a scalable and efficient one.

Sign up, then leave the rest to us

Corestream has established technology integrations with every provider that offers benefits through our platform.

We do all the heavy administrative lifting and deliver a one-stop-shop for voluntary benefits, including customer service.

Dealing with multiple voluntary benefits vendors is completely streamlined. You only need to work with Corestream. 

Our secure closed-loop payroll and billing process reduces your tasks to a payroll deduction confirmation for each payroll cycle and a single monthly ACH transfer. Corestream takes care of all the rest, including reconciliation and carrier/provider disbursements.

Designed to Keep It Simple for Employers

Frictionless Administration

Early on, Corestream researched what keeps organizations from offering more voluntary benefits. And it wasn't that they didn't want to or didn't find value; simply for most, it's a resource drain for something that's less of a priority than other people-inspired initiatives. That's why we've invested in making a painless administration experience part of the Coresteam solution.

Our difference

The simplicity you can achieve with Corestream is real. Our clients confidently speak about how we’ve transformed their clunky voluntary benefits process into a painless and adaptable experience.

Not only are these benefits easy to enroll in and pay for, the employer administration is a seamless process as well.

- Community Health System

Advantages to Corestream’s administration efficiencies

Reduce time spent on administration and focus on other priorities

Reduce errors in deductions and billing

Eliminate interfacing with multiple voluntary benefits vendors

Make changes quickly and effortlessly

Streamlined interface for administration, enrollment, and customer service

Ongoing tech and billing support to keep the process running smoothly

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