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Save Money with Employee Discounts

Employee Savings Program

By providing access to hundreds of national and local discounts from popular brands and vendors, you are helping your employees save their hard-earned money, which supports their financial well-being and boosts productivity.


Discounts and Voluntary Under One Roof

elevate the visibility of discounts

Corestream brings hundreds of national and local brand discounts together with supplemental health and lifestyle benefits under one unified, and secure employee experience. Employees can easily and seamlessly make their benefits and shop without having to learn multiple platforms.

3 Reasons to Choose Corestream For Discounts

Higher Perceived Value

Employees will see their employer-sponsored access to savings at the same time as their voluntary benefits. When discounts are communicated and housed separately, employees often miss them.

Improved Security and Employee Experience

Employees only learn one system and see consolidated communications about all their employer-provided extras. They don't have to log-in to multiple platforms. At the same time, security is tighter by reducing the number of platforms you manage.

Seamless Branding

Portals are designed with your color palette and branding in mind so employees feel and see the familiarity they trust from their employers.

Numerous Discount Categories


Health and Wellness

Financial Wellness

Gyms and Health Clubs

Sports and Fitness


Movie, Concert, and Theatre Tickets

Sporting Events

Theme Parks and Attractions

Games and Toys



Personal Development


Books and Media



Rental Stays


Rental Cars


Office and Business

Work from Home


Computer and Electronics


Everyday Needs

Apparel and Beauty


Food and Drinks

Family and Dependent Care


Home and Garden

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