A Platform for Success

Helping Benefits Providers Increase Enrollment And Decrease Their Workload

A Scalable Solution

From supplemental health insurance to homeowner’s insurance, identity theft protection to financial planning, one of the greatest challenges for all voluntary benefits providers is getting new members to enroll.

Corestream’s growing marketplace provides a scalable solution to this challenge. Partnering with Corestream® means gaining unprecedented market penetration and participation. With access to a massive pool of eligible employees, Corestream® puts more eyes on your benefits than ever before.

More than a Marketplace

One Platform
Payroll Deduction

Our unique payroll integrations allow us to deduct employees’ premiums and fees directly from their paychecks. This streamlined payment method eliminates the need for manual processing and reduces your exposure to credit risk.

Hospital Indemnity
Premium Reconciliation

Most platforms reconcile at the group level, Corestream’s proprietary platform offers advanced administration, reconciling premiums to each individual employee.

One Stop

Our software platform remits payments on behalf of clients to carrier partners with precision.

Tech Partner

Corestream® experts work closely with employers to help negotiate contracts with providers, and our service team acts to resolve any issues as they arise. These mediation services help save your organization time and resources.


Having your benefits on our marketplace is great. Actively marketing your benefits to eligible employees is better. Our communications personnel will work with you to develop compelling campaigns for introducing and marketing your benefits to our members.