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Learn about offering low-cost loans payable through payroll & how it positively impacts DEI goals

A Path To Wealth Equity for Employees

Join us on May 17th at 2:30pm EST (Eastern Time US and Canada)

In our upcoming Webinar, Corestream and Kashable will present the reasons why allowing employees to acquire loans and repay them through payroll deduction, as a voluntary benefit, has demonstrated that employees have better access to pursue their life’s goals and dreams. Whether they are seeking continued education, a home, or a reliable vehicle, a trusted and reliable path to credit building can be a very welcomed addition to your benefits package.

We will demonstrate how Black and Hispanic minorities are disproportionately affected by credit history and rating limitations, resulting in increased challenges to pursue wealth and secure life stability for the now and generations to come.

Key concepts will cover:

  • Credit market overview and recent trends
  • The holistic financial wellness journey to wealth equity
  • How personal loans payable through payroll positively impact DEI goals
  • The versatility and advantages of personal loans at work
  • Benefits of financial wellness, live coaching & educational libraries

Learn how to pair this simple, yet effective voluntary benefit with a powerful technology that creates a frictionless administrative experience.

Attendees will receive exclusive access to Kashable’s newest white paper “The Path to Wealth Equity: What Employers Can Do”

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