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Live June 1st: Let's Chat About Why Financial Wellbeing Tops the List of In-Demand Benefits for 2022

Join us on June 1st, 2:30pm for a 45-minute live webinar with partner, Salary Finance, to discuss why financial wellbeing tops the list of in-demand benefits for 2022.  Will touch on the hot-button topics such as:

Key concepts we will cover:

  • Why the urgency for financial wellbeing benefits has risen even more post-pandemic
  • The importance of offering inclusive financial products to improve employees’ resilience
  • The benefits and use cases of key no-cost-to-employer solutions such as affordable employee loans and emergency savings accounts
  • The best way to offer the powerful 3 – financial, physical and personal wellbeing for employees  


Learn how to pair this simple, yet effective voluntary benefit with a powerful technology that creates a frictionless administrative experience.

Attendees will receive a recording of the presentation and a complimentary copy of their Salary Finances’ latest research report, Inside the Wallets of Working Americans.

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