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Present Your Brand Effectively

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The below process guides you to submit the necessary information to show off your brand and help employees take the next step to purchase or sign-up.


Before submitting content and assets, please review these housekeeping guidelines.

Good Photography -
Blank Lifestyle images need to be colorful, use real backgrounds and have an authentic feel (not posed, environment is lived in, not perfect). Avoid empty and fake backgrounds, posed images, people’s backs or awkwardly cropped bodies, and exaggerated expressions.

File Names -
For images, logos, text files, and flyers/brochures please use the following naming convention:

a.Your brand name
b.The placement of the asset: Offer Page, Home Page, Category Page or Email
c.The description of the asset and the type of file. For example: summer image, winter copy, holiday logo, employee flyer, etc.
d.Expiration date formatted with MMDDYYYY: this is when we should no longer use this asset per your company’s compliance guidelines.

Example of correct file name for an offer page lifestyle image for New Years if it was provided by Brand XYZ with an expiration date of February 12, 2022:


Example of correct file name for an email image if it was provided by BrandXYZ for Q4 ads with an expiration date of December 31, 2021:


Download Housekeeping PDF

Local or Client Exclusive Brand Content Submission

The form below walks you through items you need to submit, step by step.

First thing users see in search. Fifty (50) character limit, including spaces. What is your product/offer? Be specific and succinct. This is your opportunity at catching employees’ attention so they can click and learn more about your product offer.
Brief outline of Offer to capture users attention, 200 character max (including spaces).
Provide the URL employees will use to redeem this offer. A tracking URL preferred, but general URL acceptable too if redemption instructions are clear to the user.
Overview of discount. List amount off, percentage discount or savings info.
Describe redemption process for users with a clear call to action.
If applicable.
If applicable, provide a contact number for any questions or customer service matters.
If applicable, provide an email address for any questions or customer service matters.
If applicable.
Include an ‘about us’ description of your organization. Please provide attributes that describe your strength, leadership and position in the market such as years of experience, what you are known for and what makes you different.

Additional Information

Comma separated keywords/phrases. No character or word limit.
733(w) x 367(h) pixels (at a minimum) or any larger size with the same aspect ratio. Please send a product or lifestyle image that is relevant to your brand offering. The photography should be authentic and not look staged. See the housekeeping form for additional guidance on the lifestyle image style requirements.


Contact us at with questions regarding set-up assets.

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