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Corestream Hosts First Ever Educational Showcase Series

Corestream, the leading voluntary benefits administrator and technology provider recently kicked off its first-ever yearly educational webinar series with partner providers and carriers highlighting voluntary benefit offerings, use cases, and the latest trends.  This new signature series takes place annually and starts up again in Spring 2023; when most brokers and benefits teams are knee-deep in strategic planning for the upcoming enrollment cycle. 

The voluntary benefits space has been on the rise in recent years with the COVID-19 pandemic surfacing the gap in employers offering employees the ability to achieve workforce wellbeing.  In fact, 22% of employees still intend to quit in 2022[i]; 67% of employees agree that wellbeing benefits are a top priority when looking for a new job[ii], and 48% of employers are prioritizing mental and physical wellbeing, including health, positive coping, mindfulness, and resilience, among others[iii]. Corestream’s platform enables employers to offer wellness products, employer-branded employee discounts, and year-long benefit engagement services – all of which are scalable to enterprise-level organizations, at no cost to the employer.  Through one single point of integration, employees can unlock dozens of voluntary and lifestyle benefits that contribute to their wellbeing and are suitable to every demographic, generation, and lifecycle stage.

“Millions of employees are looking for reasons to stay in their jobs as they give serious thought to leaving - the Great Resignation is real,” said Neil Vaswani, CEO, and co-founder of Corestream. “These mindset changes and life reprioritizations caused by the pandemic are here to stay. Employers have a much bigger opportunity to improve employee retention by adding highly demanded voluntary benefits and helping employees understand the value of each of them, as well as how to best use their features.”

Corestream’s Showcase Webinar series spotlights one carrier each session and provides an intimate forum as well as deep dive into that featured voluntary, lifestyle, and/or supplemental benefits with the goal of educating employers and brokers alike. Corestream’s Showcase Webinar series opened the eyes of many employers and brokers who voiced the fact that the need for voluntary benefits was greater than ever and that the use cases demonstrated throughout the webinars would most likely have a positive impact on their employee’s well-being. To view the 2022 Corestream Showcase Webinar series, click here. This yearly educational webinar series will continue in Spring/Summer 2023 and dates/topics will be listed on the Corestream website under ‘Upcoming Events’ starting February 2023.


About Corestream

Corestream is a leading voluntary benefits technology provider that believes the success of any organization relies on the holistic wellness of its workforce, from physical and mental health to financial well-being. Corestream’s revolutionary SaaS platform scales the distribution and adoption of voluntary benefits to become an integral part of protecting and enhancing the employees’ livelihood. By removing barriers, streamlining administration, and optimizing the user experience Corestream has become a powerful tool in the arsenal of HR teams, brokers, vendors, and employees. For more information, visit


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