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The below process guides you to submit the necessary information to show off your product(s), educate, and help employees take the next step to sign-up or enroll.

Marketing Asset Collection

Our clients work with their marketing contacts to gather the necessary information to showcase the company’s product(s). Each product displays a tile in our platform, the featured offer. After clicking the button on the featured offer, an offer page (i-frame) pops up with details about your product offer.

The featured offer tile will need 4 items. Specifications are detailed below.

  • Logo.
  • Lifestyle image.
  • Short headline.
  • Keywords.

The offer page will need several items. Specifications are detailed below.

  • Product headline
  • Introduction headline.
  • Introduction paragraph.
  • Lifestyle image.
  • Enrollment/sign-up headline.
  • Enrollment/sign-up instructions.
  • Disclaimer.
  • Company profile paragraph.


Before submitting content and assets, please review these housekeeping guidelines.

Good Photography -
Lifestyle images need to be colorful, use real backgrounds and have an authentic feel (not posed, environment is lived in, not perfect). People in the photos reflect joy.
Avoid empty and fake backgrounds, posed images, people’s backs or awkwardly cropped bodies, and exaggerated expressions. Do not submit undesirable circumstances (pain, sickness, sadness, disappointment, etc.).

File Names -
For photos, videos and other items such as flyers and brochures please use the following algorithm.

  1. Your company name
  2. The specific line of business the material is for, if applicable. This is usually in cases where your company has more than one line of business offered on our platform. For example, one carrier may have accident insurance, critical illness insurance, hospital indemnity and a legal plan on our platform.
  3. The destination of the asset: offer page or feature offer.
  4. The type of asset according to the set-up document, for example: image, logo, flyer or video.
  5. Expiration date formatted with MMDDYYYY: this is when we should no longer use this asset per your company’s compliance guidelines.

Example of correct file name for offer page video if it was provided by YourCompany for accident insurance with an expiration date of December 31, 2021:

Example of correct file name for featured offer lifestyle image if it was provided by YourCompany for pet insurance with an expiration date of February 12, 2022:


Download Housekeeping PDF

Featured Offer Form

Lifestyle image size: 500 x 250 pixels, 300 dpi. Please send a lifestyle image that is relevant to your product offering. The photography should be authentic and not look staged. See the housekeeping form for additional guidance on the lifestyle image style requirements.
Specifications: Forty (40) character limit. What is your product/offer? Be specific and succinct. This is your opportunity at catching employees’ attention so they can click and learn more about your product offer.
Provide a list of keywords that may be used to find your product/offer in our portals. No limit.

Download featured offer PDF.

Offer Page Form

All these assets are universal and not client-specific; your submissions should not have co-branding or client-specific pricing mentioned.

40 character limit. Why is your product valuable? Use direct and to the point language and the percentage discount, dollar amount off, or perk of your product as applicable.
60 character limit. Describe what you want the employees to learn about your product.
35 word count limit. What’s the elevator pitch for your product?
Accepted file type: .jpg or .psd. Provide a lifestyle image that is relevant to your product and offer. The image style needs to be authentic and not staged. You can send more than one option.
50 character limit. Flex-use sub-header can be used to showcase an additional value point of your product or CTA reinforcement.
One-to-three sentences with instructions on how to enroll. Include relevant links, access codes, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
Legal disclaimer and terms of use go here. Include expiration dates if applicable.
50 word count limit. Please provide attributes that describe your strength, leadership and position in the market such as years of experience, what you are known for and what makes you different.
Accepted files: mp4. Provide videos that are short and clearly explain the value of your product/offer. Videos are not required but they are strongly preferred.
Send any downloadable PDFs that help employees learn about the product/offer such as product overviews and FAQs.

Download Offer Page PDF

Enrollment Implementation

Your Implementation Manager will reach out for enrollment-specific materials (e.g. enrollment file formats, SSO, outlines of coverage, product overviews, plan summary, and data exchange) needed to launch with each client. You are able to upload universal product overviews and product FAQs above.

Product Overviews: Highlights the product features and should make a compelling reason why the product is a must-have.

Plan Summary: Client specific information about the features the product offers and at what levels of coverage an employee can expect.

Outline of coverage: The go to document for in-depth information about the entire plan and covers all the details along with any legal disclosures.

FAQ's: Helps to clarify common questions and should expand understanding the product better. These materials should provide everything an employee needs to make an informed decision about a voluntary benefit.



Contact us at with questions regarding set-up and enrollment assets.

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