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Year-Round Benefits Communication for Employees

Corestream Employee Activation

According to Harvard Business Review, 53% of benefit executives say employees find it difficult to navigate and understand their benefits, leading to a big challenge in engagement. 

Corestream’s professional 'Employee Activation Services' actively engage your employees *throughout the year* with a planned, agreed upon strategy that makes sense for your organization.  Our omni-channel approach opens up the ability to communicate through email, social media, webinar, flyers, mailers, display ads, client branded portal, and more.

For zero cost, our activation team will agree upon the best approach and continually educate your employees on lifestyle, supplemental, and discount program offerings. 

We know that employee awareness and education of benefits is a key challenge with most benefits programs, leading to low adoption and low impact on goals such as retention. It's time to leave outdated yearly communication methods behind and start experiencing the Corestream Enrollment Advantage today.

Employee Activation Services, Communications Results:

In a recent Corestream polling, 51% of respondents stated that Employee Awareness / Education is one of the biggest challenges with managing their voluntary/lifestyle benefits program

Corestream's DNA of a Holistic Benefits Program / Canam Research, August 2022

Organizations use voluntary benefits that go beyond just supplemental health to provide proper health and financial wellness to their employees to engage and retain the best talent. In the past, offering voluntary benefits created technological, budget, resource, and administrative challenges that prevented employers from providing more perks and benefits to their employees. At Corestream, we created a no-cost platform that delivers a modernized user experience for administering voluntary and lifestyle benefits, purchasing programs, and discounts.

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