It’s Never Been Easier to Enroll

No More Excuses

There are many barriers to engaging employees to enroll in voluntary benefits plans. The complexity of the signup process shouldn’t be one of them.

At Corestream®, we continuously refine our platform based on end-user feedback, with the goal of making voluntary benefits enrollment easy to understand and fun, not frustrating.

When your employees log on to Corestream®, they see a single source of information for all of the voluntary benefits your organization offers. Employees can browse and compare plans, view educational videos, and use built-in decision-making tools to choose the policies that work best for them.

Engagement is Everything

Increased Engagement, Decreased Workload

More benefits plans means more work for your HR department, right?

Think again. Corestream® acts as an extension of HR, providing educational and decision-making tools to employees who are interested in voluntary benefits. Employees can even use the Corestream® platform to manage their benefits without needing to involve busy HR staff.

Increased Engagement

Made for Employees

Meet Them Where They Are
Meet Them Where They Are

Today’s employees are always on the go. Corestream® is mobile-friendly, and can be accessed from almost any device.

No Jumping Around
No Jumping Around

Corestream’s all-in-one enrollment platform means employees can sign up for all of their voluntary benefits from one place, at one time.

Continuous Management
Continuous Management

If an employee needs to modify a plan or sign up for another, they can simply log back in to the platform and make changes.

HIPAA Compliant

We follow best practices in order to protect the privacy, security, and integrity of protected health information.