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Increase employee engagement and double retention1

We partner with top organizations to improve employee retention and meet participation and engagement goals.

Integrated Enrollment Email Plans

Great Communications Engage and Increase Retention

Engaging employees is built-in with the Corestream solution. Professional communications and marketing experts work, at no extra cost, to provide world-class email cadences that delight the most brand-conscious clients' HR, marketing, and communications teams.

Corestream positively impacts retention

Employees who enrolled in voluntary benefits through Corestream stayed with their companies for 6 years, compared to only 3 years for employees who didn’t enroll.

In partnership with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and their data analytics experts, we found a causal relationship between Corestream voluntary benefits enrollment and tenure.1

Why voluntary benefits?

The key to driving employee retention and longer tenure relies heavily on employees engaging with their voluntary benefit offerings.

77% said voluntary benefits positively influenced their desire to work for and stay with their employer.

Over 83% of employers offer voluntary benefits, but 47% of employees say they don’t understand what benefits are offered.2

Why Corestream Communications?

You can bridge the gap for employees who don't fully understand the voluntary benefits you offer.

Use our platform and communications expertise to engage employees year-round by reinforcing the value of their benefits package.

Successful communications educate employees on their voluntary benefits option. They also provide employees with peace of mind after enrollment, knowing they have protected themselves and their families from unexpected expenses or events.

It’s so much more than a partnership…Corestream is an extension of my team!

Corestream’s suggestion on how to improve emails has continued to increase colleague engagement.

What is employee engagement?


Corestream helps take the guesswork out of your employee benefits enrollment. We offer a guided benefit enrollment experience for categories such as Auto & Home. Registration is flexible and configurable based on employee needs, employee eligibility, your company’s business requirements, and more.

Communications and Engagement

Take advantage of a suite of educational materials to help drive employee understanding and adoption. Our marketing team has decades of communications and marketing expertise to reach your employees at the right time with the right message. We collaborate with you to build a strategy, timeline, and messaging plan tailored to your employees and your engagement and retention goals.

Reliable Partnership

We work with our clients and their internal partners like HR, marketing, IT, accounting, and operations to ensure a seamless and straightforward voluntary benefits program that meets their retention and engagement goals. We understand the importance of internal stakeholders’ roles in launching and maintaining benefits and can satisfy even the most rigorous standards for branding, security, and more.


We work with clients to track communications success and impact on engagement and participation for different products. We take this data and use it to inform your benefits and communication plan, continually improving and refining your approach.

1 Study performed by Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Controlling for all other variables, median employee tenure for those who enroll in at least one benefit through Corestream is 2x those who don’t enroll: 6 years vs 3 years.

2 2021 Corestream Pulse Survey.


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