Giving Brokers a Boost

Bolstering Business by Improving Enrollment and Sharing Revenue

Something More for Your Clients

For brokers and their clients, partnering with Corestream® is a win-win.

Our comprehensive voluntary benefits platform enables your clients to offer more benefits to their employees, and allows you to increase revenue by adding more benefits to your accounts. In addition, the value of offering so many benefits through one streamlined platform can help you attract larger opportunities and fend off competition.

Best of all, we’re dedicated to crafting mutually beneficial arrangements that meet the needs of everyone involved.

Corestream White Board

Support for Your Operations

One Platform
One Platform, Hundreds of Benefits

Voluntary benefits often take the form of small, inexpensive policies, and it’s not always worth a broker’s time to research and offer them. Now you can provide one comprehensive platform, and let your clients choose the plans that work best for them.

Corestream®, the Chameleon

Branding is an important factor for a broker’s success. That’s why Corestream® allows you to whitelabel our platform with your brand or your clients’ brands.

Tech Partner
A Broker’s Tech Partner

With the recent emphasis on high-tech business solutions, insurance brokers risk being viewed as old-fashioned. Corestream’s cutting-edge and highly customizable voluntary benefits technology helps brokers reposition themselves as forward-thinking and adaptable.