Giving Auto Insurance Quoting a Tune-up

Group auto insurance benefits help employees save big on car insurance, but choosing the right policy can be a challenge. Our advanced quoting tool makes it simple to compare policies and make a decision.

Great Insurers
Great Insurers

Corestream® offers side-by-side quotes from leading insurers like Liberty Mutual, MetLife, and Travelers.

Instant Results
Instant Results

Fill out one questionnaire, and receive quotes from leading insurers in under a minute.

Streamlined Purchasing
Streamlined Purchasing

Your no-obligation quotes are sent to insurers so you can easily make a purchase when you’re ready.

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How Corestream® Works

Guide to Group Auto Insurance Quote Tool

Why Offer Group Auto Insurance Benefits?

Most employers offer some kind of health insurance to their workforce. This insurance can be less expensive and have greater benefits than the policies employees could buy on their own, because buying as a group brings costs down for insurers.

However, many employers don’t realize that other insurance types, like auto, offer similar group buying programs.

Group auto insurance can provide:

Discounts and decreased costs for employees
Premiums deducted directly from payroll, without added fees
Improved employee retention

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Bringing Insurers and Employers Together

Corestream’s auto insurance quoting tool includes participation by some of the biggest group auto insurers in the country. Our quoting tool doesn’t just make it easier for employers to shop for group policies; it makes it simpler for insurers to reach the people who need them.

Our Partners

  • Cor AllState
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Met Life
  • PurchasingPower
  • RelianceStandard
  • Nationwide
  • Travelers
  • LegalEASE
  • Genworth
  • Unum

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